Tax Details

4% Marketing: One of the key features of Dogtanian is its tokenomics. The project incorporates a 4% marketing fee, which helps to support and promote the token in various channels, ultimately increasing its visibility and reach. This marketing aspect aims to attract a larger audience, contributing to the growth and success of Dogtanian.
2% Stuart Burn: Moreover, 2% of the transaction fees are allocated towards buying and burning Stuart tokens. This partnership with Stuart token enhances both projects by creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem. The buy-and-burn mechanism contributes to reducing the total supply of Stuart tokens, increasing scarcity, and potentially driving up their value.
1% Reflection: In addition to marketing and buy-and-burn features, Dogtanian also implements a 1% reflection fee. This fee is designed to reward token holders, as a percentage of each transaction is distributed back to the community in the form of reflections. This incentivizes holding Dogtanian tokens and encourages long-term engagement and loyalty among investors.

Total Supply

1,000,000,000,000 DGT
Official Contract Address: 0x1CFF7414925F43Dd39C1858D5b36AA5906CEf879